Professional Translation Service

Do you need a high-quality technical translation where precision and clarity are everything ? Not just a usable document in approximate English, but one that is technically correct, produced by someone who has worked in the field, so knows what he is writing about. I am a former electrical/electronics engineer who, after 30 years in an office job in both English and French, wanted a change of lifestyle and job in order to be able to work from home, mostly. A native English speaker trilingual English-French-German, I have now been a full-time translator for over 10 years, after previously doing much in-house technical writing and translating part-time. My service is customer-tailored but my rates are competitive.

My language pairs: French>English; German> English; English> French

I translate specifications, technical manuals, calls for tender, theses, publications and web pages in the fields of Science & Technology in general, more specifically Electronics, Computing, Telecommunications, Aeronautics, Environment.

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