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Early December I attended a 3-day training workshop introducing and explaining Agile Methods, more specifically Scrum, as applied, mainly, to Software Development. Agile Methods are based on principles and practices. Scrum is one of several agile methodologies and seems to be becoming one of the most popular. I discovered that as a software developer I had already been using some of the principles and methods of agile development over the years, which after all is both logical and reassuring, given that these methods are more or less common-sense solutions to common problems encountered in software projects. These methods apply best to small teams, but what interested me particularly was to find out if the methods could be applied to areas other than software development – the answer is yes – and if you could use it on your own, which is my case at present – the answer is also yes – and in both cases adaptations obviously need to be made, which is entirely coherent with the agile philosophy – adapting and responding to change.

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