My activity

I am a freelance technical translator working in mainly scientific fields, in particular those within which I have worked as an engineer: telecommunications, software, industrial electronics. I have been doing this full-time since July 2010.

I translate mainly from French to English, but also do German to English and English to French.

During the 30 years I worked as an engineer, I regularly translated much of the technical documentation.

I am a member of the French Translators’ Society.

My philosophy

I’ve always been interested in linguistics and I enjoy translating, above all translating well. What I consider to be important is that the correct message gets through: the words are only the vehicle, it’s the meaning that counts. That’s why it’s important to use the right words. But there are often many ways of achieving this.

It goes without saying that I don’t translate literally: word-for-word translation rarely does a good job. If necessary, I will modify the sentence structure of the original in order to express the meaning more clearly. You often have to go beyond the words, especially when the document is badly written, in order to understand what the author is trying to say. In such cases it may be necessary to check back with him or her in order to get the real meaning: a lengthier process but sometimes unavoidable.

There are situations where such a methodical approach is not necessary: it all depends on the end product. The research into FUAT (fully usable automated translation) is useful, interesting and definitely necessary, given the huge volume of documents to be translated, sometimes in very short time frames. I also occasionally use machine translation, but only as an aid in translating.

I offer my services as a translator only in those fields where I have had considerable work experience. You have to fully understand what’s going on, then express it using the correct terminology.

My credentials

Most of my experience has been as a writer and translator of technical manuals for my previous employers BALOGH and THOMSON-CSF. Other more recent projects include:

  • Call for tender in aeronautics for AIRBUS
  • Localisation for a software project iceScrum
  • Proof-reading a scientific article for ESEO
  • Translation of the online INSA undergraduate engineering program
  • Data sheets and technical specifications for CASTEL
  • A quarterly newsletter (aerospace supply chain) for SPACE
  • Non-technical translations for the car-sharing society MOBILIB

I am a member of the French Translators’ Society.

I am totally fluent in three languages – English, French and German – but I translate mainly into English.

My site

SoftWare INGénieur TRANSLATIONS : the name comes from my two main activities, software engineering (ingénieur is French for engineer) and translating. Also an allusion to one of my favourite pastimes, swing (music and dance).


Wolfgang Löbert, based in Peyriac de Mer, France  –  Contact me

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